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iMediaCommerce - Providing custom print, web, e-commerce and online auction solutions for retailers. Innovative ideas in retail marketing.
iMediaCommerce provides print and web-based strategic services for specialty retailers, using the power of information technology to give you the tools and resources you need to compete at the highest level.





Website Hosting

iMediaCommerce provides a full range of web and domain hosting services to a diverse retail customer base. We specialize in reliable high-speed UNIX servers, and offer a number of value-added services to bring out the best from your online presence. We support a wide selection of server applications and database platforms, as well as offering a full range of e-commerce solutions designed to get your business online, and trading. We offer:

  • State-of-the art data centers
  • Hardware maintenance and upgrades on powerful Intel-based hardware
  • Software updates, upgrades, and security patches
  • Triple data backup
  • 24/7 monitoring of data centers, network, and servers
  • Managed security including security-hardened operating system and applications
  • Integrated domain name registration and DNS management
  • Up to 10 e-mail accounts with each site

Contact us to find out more about our website hosting packages.

E-mail Hosting
In addition to your website, iMediaCommerce can also host your e-mail. Up to 10 e-mail accounts are included with your hosting package, so you can use your e-mail as a branding tool by sending e-mails from Each e-mail account at your website can be set up as an alias to an existing e-mail address or a POP account.

E-mail aliases are our most popular type of account. Many of our customers already have an e-mail account with their Internet Connection Provider (i.e. AOL or Earthlink). Rather than switching e-mail addresses we can use aliasing to forward all mail to to your existing e-mail address.

iMediaCommerce also offers POP accounts that will hold your e-mail on our servers until you connect and download it. Using a POP account requires that you reconfigure your e-mail program to download mail from

Contact us to find out more about our e-mail hosting.

Statistical Packages
Building and hosting a great website is only the beginning. To understand who is visiting your website and what they're doing, you'll need a package to analyze your web logs and give you relevant, understandable information. iMediaCommerce offers Urchin – a robust and renowned analytics package. Urchin is used by over one million sites worldwide, and is the standard at most of the world's largest hosts and 20% of the Fortune 500.

Contact us to find out more about our statistical packages.


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