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iMediaCommerce - Providing custom print, web, e-commerce and online auction solutions for retailers. Innovative ideas in retail marketing.
From postcards and newsletters to full color magazines and catalogs, iMediaCommerce can deliver your message to your target market.





Direct Mail

iMediaCommerce has a direct mail program that lets you take an active role in the success of your advertising.

Why spend thousands of dollars on radio, television, or newspaper ads when you can't be sure whom your message is reaching? Direct mail is the only form of advertising that lets you pinpoint your target audience and receive measurable results. You know exactly how many pieces you send out, who gets them, how much each piece costs to send, and the response you get to each mailing.

Whether it's a post card, brochure or coupon page, our direct mail program lets you take an active role in the success of your advertising. You control who sees your message, its content, the number of people who see it, and you receive tangible, measurable results. No other type of advertising can promise all that.

Contact us to learn more about how our direct mail program can increase your sales!


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