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iMediaCommerce - Providing custom print, web, e-commerce and online auction solutions for retailers. Innovative ideas in retail marketing.
From postcards and newsletters to full color magazines and catalogs, iMediaCommerce can deliver your message to your target market.





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iMediaCommerce can create a great-looking custom catalog for your store and deliver it directly to your best customers and prospects. Our catalogs range from 8 to 32 pages long and contain full-color photos and concise product descriptions. There's also room for your special promotions, information about your store – whatever you want!

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Multi Channel Marketing
Multi channel marketing is the biggest trend in retailing today. Put simply, multi channel marketing means giving your customers more ways to buy from you. It means offering your customers the convenience of the Internet in addition to your traditional bricks-and-mortar store. Multi-channel marketing means more business for you, and more profitable business, too, since online customers spend more per capita than in-store customers.

You may be thinking you've heard all about e-commerce, and maybe you've even tried it. And you may have heard it's not all that it's cracked up to be. That's because an e-commerce site, by itself, is still a passive selling tool. You need something active that drives traffic to both your store and your website. You need an e-commerce-enabled catalog.

E-Commerce Enabled Catalog
What is an e-commerce enabled catalog? First, it's a traditional printed catalog featuring items available only in your store or over the phone. And, an e-commerce fulfillment site that is branded to your store and website offering popular commodity items available both in your store and online.

iMediaCommerce can create a great-looking custom catalog for your store and deliver it directly to your best customers and prospects. Catalog
  • Articles about your store.
  • Articles about the products you carry.
  • High impact full color glossy.
  • Your logo, phone number and website.
  • You pick the vendors and items.
  • Market your business like the big boys.
E-Commerce Site
  • Makes it easy for your customers to buy from you.
  • Site blends seamlessly with your website.
  • Enhances your shop's image.
  • Promote popular commodity items.

You buy a 16- or 24-page catalog from us, we give you an e-commerce fulfillment center FREE. You pick up to 30 items from our predetermined list of vendors. We create a glossy full color catalog, which exclusively promotes your store and e-commerce site. We then mail this to 20,000 of your best customers and prospects. Who then have the option of purchasing from you in three ways: your "brick and mortar" store, e-commerce store or by telephone.

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