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iMediaCommerce - Providing custom print, web, e-commerce and online auction solutions for retailers. Innovative ideas in retail marketing.
From postcards and newsletters to full color magazines and catalogs, iMediaCommerce can deliver your message to your target market.





Click here to request more information about the catalog program from iMediaCommerce.

Catalog Program

The iMediaCommerce catalog program can create a great-looking custom 8 to 32 page full-color catalog promoting your store and your products. First, we'll deliver it directly to your best customers and prospects. Then, to capitalize on the benefits of multi-channel marketing, we'll create an e-commerce fulfillment center for FREE!

What You Get in the Catalog

    iMediaCommerce can create a great-looking custom catalog for your store and deliver it directly to your best customers and prospects.
  • We will create an 8.5 inch x 11 inch full-color glossy
  • It can be 16- or 24-pages, depending on how many vendors you want to feature, and how much you want to spend
  • You tell us what goes in your catalog, and we do
  • You get the back page to sell ads on, or to use for
  • Your store name goes on the front cover, and your
  • We write stories about your store, your personnel, and the aspects of your store that make it unique in your area
  • You decide what pages to use for articles, product
  • You proof and approve every page before we go
  • You feature your vendor's products in your catalog
  • We print the catalogs and mail them for you

What You Get in the E-Commerce Fulfillment Site

    Sign up for the iMediaCommerce catalog program and get a FREE e-commerce fulfillment site.
  • We will build a complete e-commerce fulfillment site for your store - FREE
  • It will match the look and feel of your existing web site*
  • The site is hosted on a secure server in our Dulles, VA data center and has state of art security features, including SSL encryption
  • Link to it from your existing site or send customers directly to a unique web address
  • We will populate it with up to 30 items from your catalog for FREE
  • All items featured in your e-commerce site are also highlighted in your catalog so that readers know which products are available online
  • Orders are placed at your e-commerce fulfillment site and sent to a secure web vault from where you will retrieve them
  • You'll automatically receive an email notifying you when new orders are placed
  • After retrieving the order from a secure web vault, you process the payment and ship the item to your customer
  • The e-commerce site stays active for up to 90 days
  • After 90 days, you can pay $75 a month to keep it active, or we can shut it down

* Original artwork or images may be required in order to match your website exactly.


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