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Catalog Costs

The final price of your e-commerce enabled catalog and your e-commerce fulfillment site will be determined by how many pages are in your catalog, and how many catalogs you print and mail, and to some extent how many additional items you may add to your fulfillment site. Below are some typical prices based on common mailing list sizes. All prices shown assume that all quantities printed are mailed. Mailing costs are typically around 25 cents per piece, and are built in to the listed price to facillitate advertising sales, vendor participation, and co-op reimbursement.

16-Page Catalog
Quantity Total Price/Piece
10,000 $12,000 $1.20
20,000 $16,500 $0.825
25,000 $19,000 $0.76
50,000 $32,000 $0.64
24-Page Catalog
Quantity Total Price/Piece
10,000 $16,000 $1.60
20,000 $21,000 $1.05
25,000 $24,000 $0.96
50,000 $39,000 $0.78
Click here to request more information about the catalog program from iMediaCommerce.

Remember that the prices above INCLUDE all postage and handling, and that all catalogs above include a FREE e-commerce fulfillment website.

Please call for a price quote on quantities not listed above.


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